Welcome to Get Coached UK

Do you want to transform some aspect of your life, health, relationships, income, career or business but don't know how?
By choosing Get Coached, you will be dedicating time and energy to creating and moving towards the life, health, career and relationships  you really want and deserve!


We assist people to:

We inspire, challenge and empower people to gain greater awareness, take action and create fulfilling lives.


We specialise in helping businesses to:

Formulate their brands, set goals and strategise prioritise actions
Find or create innovative solutions in service process and systems
Create an atmosphere and culture that fosters innovation
Transform their business into a living breathing organic self organising
learning organisation with sustainable competitive advantage


How we are different!

Unlike other coaching organisations our approach is integrative: we have spent years researching and training so we can bring together the most advanced and practical tools and techniques in personal, business development and health transformation available in the world today.


Our coaching programmes are unique!

we co-create your coaching programme according to your individual needs.

Many coaches focus on setting goals for a better future and that's great. but in our experience there is more to life satisfaction and success than simply looking forward and working towards some future goals.

So we combined some of the most the practical, powerful and positive philosophies, tools and techniques of coaching with advanced therapeutic support to empower you to:

· Let go of the past; by releasing negative emotions, difficult memories, limiting beliefs and thoughts that create worry, anxiety and frustration
· Enjoy the present and be at peace where you are in life now
· Create an inspiring vision which is aligned to your true self
Support you to achieve the above in the shortest time possible

Enjoy exploring our website, and contact us by emailing info@getcoached.co.uk
or call 0845 226 0082
We are happy to answer any questions or discuss our coaching and training services with you.

Our warmest regards,  Robert Waghmare and Joanne Ross
Get Coached founders